Fence Controllers

The fence controller is what powers your electric fence. Cheetah fence controllers are applicable to suit to all your animal management requirements. Choose from an array of high powered mains fencers, battery or even solar power depending on your individual needs.

We are constantly innovating our electric fencing controllers to help us meet changing conditions or circumstances, so you can be reassured that all our fencing systems are made with quality in mind.


The first step is to decide the type of fence controller you want to run on your property.

230V Mains Fence Controllers

The main benefit of choosing a Mains powered electric fence controller is that there is less maintenance required, i.e. there is no heavy battery to regularly charge, the power supplied to the electric fence by a mains controller should also be at a constant level, providing the most reliable electric fencing system.

E2 (PNG).png
Battery Fence Controller

Battery fence controllers are particularly suited to users who require a temporary or semi-permanent electric fence. These may also be the only choice for users who require an electric fence at a particular remote site, or where mains power is not an option. The main benefits of choosing are that you can set up and also more quickly re-locate your fence wherever or whenever it is required/necessary.

Battery Strip Grazer Fence Controller

The battery powered strip grazers are designed for single strand systems up to 1.5km. They can be operated by 9v or a 12v 130AH battery. These are produced to be light and portable.

Mains + Battery
Fence Controllers

These offer the best of both worlds - all the versatility of a battery fence controller for remote locations, with the economy of a mains fence controller when you're closer to home. Just hook them up to a 12-volt tractor battery, or plug them into the 230v main supply. You have the choice of both.

Solar Cub.png.png
Solar Fence Controller

Eliminates the need to constantly change out batteries. Portability makes them great for rotational or strip grazing. Perfect for remote, off the grid areas. No need to worry about power outages. Solar is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.