Fencing Guidelines

  • Mains Fence Energisers

  • Battery/Solar Fence Energisers

  • Fence Earth System

*Important Notes:

  • Ensure fence earth system is at least 10M from any ESB earth systems. This includes ESB poles, transformers and pump houses.

  • Fence earth systems should not be setup up within 50-100M of a dairy parlour.

  • Earth bars for mains fence controllers should be 3-4M apart, preferably in damp ground.

*Many farmers are needlessly reducing the effectiveness of their electric fences by failing to earth them adequately. Almost 75% of poor results are directly due to faulty earthing systems.


Common causes of poor results are:

  • Insufficient earth rods.

  • Badly jointed wires.

  • Poor connections to earth rods.

  • Earth rods too close together.

  • Earth rods not long enough.

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