The Cheetah 20w solar panel & stands can convert a standard HV-12 & B1-11, 12 volt battery fencers (25 acre/40 acre) into a solar powered fencer. Making the fencer become as low maintenance as possible, as it does not need a battery change or to be charged throughout the entire grazing season. This process prolongs the life of the 12v battery. This is a strong steel frame that is galvanised and comes with clips, clamps, solar panel and solar regulator. *Note - this individual product does not contain the energiser or battery.

Cheetah 20w Solar Panel + Stand

SKU: 011614
  • Spec #1

    Made In Ireland.
  • Spec #2

    Uses renewable energy to charge battery.
  • Spec #3

    Can hold the fence energiser and 12 volt battery.