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Earthing Your Electric Fence in 2022

Updated: May 11

Many farmers are needlessly reducing the effectiveness of their electric fences by failing to Earth them adequately. Almost 75% of poor results are directly due to Faulty Earthing Systems.

Common causes of poor results are:

  • Insufficient earth rods / bars.

  • Badly jointed wires.

  • Poor connections to earth rods.

  • Earth rods are too close together.

  • Earth rods not long enough.

A proper earth system would be would be the required amount of galvanised earth rods driven to full depth in a damp place, spaced at least three meters apart and bonded together securely. To prevent corrosion use steel wire - copper and steal leads to corrosion.

Earth rods should be spaced at least 3 meters apart!

Below is earth rod requirements for all Cheetah energisers.


  • M15 = 1 x 1M Earth Rod

  • E2 = 2 x 1M Earth Rod

  • Super = 3 x 1M Earth Rod

  • M60 = 4 x 1M Earth Rod

  • G303 = 6 x 1M Earth Rod

Strip Grazer:

  • Cub = 1 x 300mm Earth Bar

  • Solar Cub = 1 x 300mm Earth Bar

  • B40 = 1 x 300mm Earth Bar

12V Battery:

  • HV-12 = 1 x 1M Earth Rod

  • B1-11 = 1 x 1M Earth Rod

Dual Power:

  • Dual = 1 x 1M Earth Rod

To summarize earthing is critical, select a damp area for earth rods. Pay attention to safety requirements and Install earth rods at least 3 meters apart.

Below is a how to guide to installing an earthing system.

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