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Safety Regulation for Electric Fencing

Updated: May 11, 2023

Electric fence controllers shall comply with an approved standard specification:

  • Every mains-operated electric fence controller shall be so installed that, as far as is reasonably practicable, it is free from risk of mechanical damage or unauthorised interference.

  • A mains-operated fence controller shall not be fixed to any pole of an overhead power or communication line except where low-voltage-supply to an electric fence controller is carried by insulated overhead line from a distribution board.

  • Any earth electrode connected to the earth terminal of an electric fence controller shall be separate from the earthing system of any other circuit, and shall not be situated within a distance of 100m of any electrode used for protective earthing.

  • Not more than one controller shall be connected to any electric fence of similar system of conductors.

  • Every electric fence or similar system of conductors and associated controllers shall be so installed that it is not liable to come into contact with any power or communication apparatus or wiring, including an overhead power line, telephone, or telegraph wires or a radio aerial, or with an earth-continuity conductor. Any electric fence or portion thereof installed along a public road or highway or as a boundary-line fence shall be identified by signs, clamped to the fence wire or fastened to the posts at suitable intervals.

Below: Example of electric fence warning sign in use.

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