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How to Setup a Solar Electric Fence for Cattle and Sheep

Updated: May 11, 2023

You want to keep your herd in and safe without burning a hole in your pocket? Then a solar-powered electric fence system could be the answer. A solar electric fence will save you money in the long term, whilst also being easy to set up because there isn’t much wiring involved.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting a solar electric fence for your farm.

What type of Energiser or Controller do I need?

With the Cheetah Solar stand it is vital to have either the Cheetah HV-12 (25 acres) or B1-11 (40 acres) depending on the area you want to cover. If you need to cover 20 acres, you will need a Cheetah Solar stand, 12v Battery & a HV-12 energiser. And if your need to cover 35 acres you will need a B1-11, 12v Battery & a B1-11 energiser.

What type of battery is needed?

A 12 volt tractor battery would be the best option for this setup, easy to get and these batteries will be charged via the solar panel and on average keep it charged for the entire grazing season, March to October. This will prolong the life of the battery as it will only be discharged once per year.

How much distance can I fence?

The maximum you can cover with the Cheetah Solar setup is about 40 acres, that is 40 acres with a single strand of wire being electrified.

How much power will I have on the fence line?

You will have the full power of the energiser which you choose. If you choose a B1-11 energiser you will have an output of 2 joules.

Do I need a special type of fence?

No you do not need a special type of fence. Once the energiser is earthed according to it's instruction manual and it is attached to your fence line it should have no problem working. If you feel as if there is a problem the best way to check is with an electric fence tester.

If more information is needed on solar fencing or electric fencing in general reach out to the team here at Cheetah and we will find a solution for you.

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