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Installing Mains & Battery Energisers (Step by Step)

Installation of Mains Energiser

These units are designed to be fitted indoors. Mount the energiser on a wall, under shelter & out of reach of children, near a mains switched supply. Do not handle PVC cords when the temperature is below +5 degrees Celsius.

Install the Earth bar at least 10 meter from any safety earth to a depth of at least 1 meter in continuously damp soil. Using Double Insulated Cable, clamp its wire (stripped back) to the Earth Bar and insert the other end of the cable to the EARTH (Green) terminal on the energiser. DO NOT connect to the mains supply earth. In dry and poor EARTH conditions it may be necessary to add additional Earth bars at approximately 3 meter intervals. Using Double Insulated cable connect the Live (Red), (Or other outputs Yellow or Black) fence line output terminal to the fence line. Plug in the Energiser and switch on.

The orange neon indicates there is power entering the energiser and will pulse at approximately one pulse per second, indicating the energiser is working correctly. Some will indicate the condition of the Fence Line. Particularly useful in areas of high vegetation.

In areas of very poor earth conditions it may be necessary to run an earth returns system. Make sure you plan your fence layout well. For maximum efficiency use a multi-wire system consisting of at least 3 wires connected in parallel. Avoid stony, rough or steep areas if at all possible. Run out the wires between the end posts using suitable insulators and tension the wires until there is only slight sag. Connect all live wires together at the beginning and end of each fence section.

Below is a step by step video of installing a Cheetah M60 energiser.


Installation of Battery Energiser

The installation of battery energisers is very similar to that of the mains, except that they can be placed anywhere in the field as required.

Make sure the energiser is switched OFF before connecting to the battery. Position the energiser near to the fence Line. Push the Earth bar into moist ground.

For 12 volt energisers the (RED) Positive and (BLACK) Negative crocodile clips are connected to the 12V battery (Tractor Battery).

The Energisers Fence (Red) output terminal is connected to the fence line

The Energisers Earth (Green) output terminal is connected to the Earth Bar. (A 1 metre galvanised steel bar is recommended for the HV-12 & B1-11 energisers).

Switch the Energiser ON. Energisers neon will flash, at about one pulse per second. Indicating that they are working correctly. Test your fence line voltage regularly to know when the battery requires recharging (Only for HV-12 & B1-11). Strip Grazer energiser comes with batteries that cannot be recharged, but can also be