Cheetah electric fence energisers all mains powered 220v fencers. Cover a huge 300 acres of electric fence lines.

Irish Made
Since 1973

Cheetah for all your electric fencing needs!

A solar powered energiser capable of fencing 1 kilometer of electric fence wire. Perfect fencer for horse fencing.

Sustainable farming



A solar stand for powered 12V battery electric fence units. Prolongs the life of the battery throughout the grazing season.

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Sheep grazing in a field. Strip grazing with a 12v battery fencer, with polywire running through 105cm plastic posts.


Battery Energisers

Jim George founder of Cheta Electronics and Padraic George the son of Jim who is now the Managing Director of Cheetah Electric Fencing

About Cheetah

Started in 1973 and based in County Carlow, Cheetah Electric Fencing are an Irish made electric fencing brand which has been family owned & run for nearly 50 years. Cheetah have been manufacturing electric fence energisers since the beginning and still to this day all Cheetah energisers are manufactured and produced in their factory in Ballon, County Carlow.

Catering for the whole farming community, they provide all sorts of products to create the best electrical fencing setup. From mains powered electric fencers to battery and solar powered fencing units. Inline with doing all the above Cheetah have a enormous range of accessories to compliment their energiser range.


If you need a new fence, make sure its a Cheetah!

Cattle being trained to obey and respect an electric fence. Cattle will get a shock from the fence line and learn of the mental barrier. The geared reel helps to divide the rest of the field and can produce a high tensile wire.

Fast & Efficient

Geared Reels

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